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Company Profile

Company Profile

Youxing Shark (Shanghai) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Youxing Shark,with more than 20 years history,is specializing in the production of new material polyurethane sealant and new material jigsaw glue,Products of high water and weather resistance,high strength,widely used in construction and wood industry.

Over the 20 years, Youxing Shark has always adhered to” Customer-centric, striver-oriented”business purposes,committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services. We possess a professional R&D team, from selection of raw materials , precision of ingredients&production, warehousing inspection to shipment, for each aspect and processes are rigorously testing and control.We also set up our own quality management system,which is even higher than ISO9001:2000 quality system.Youxing Shark always implements the concept of customer value creation for customers tailored products to meet the needs of different customers, and continuously provide customers with solutions and technical problems. Further exploration and innovation, and excellence.



● Our Mission :

Focus on the challenges of customer concern & continue to create value for customers

● Value :

Customer-centric, Striver-oriented.

Struggling hard to make a better living!

● Quality policy :

Pursue zero customer complaints

guarantee product quality

● Corporate vision :

Committed to becoming an excellent supplier of new material adhesives

● Brand Connotation :

Strive to make a difference and create a century-old leader


Shark——Shanghai Operation Center

Shark ——Shanghai Production Base

35,000 tons/year

Shark——Zhuhai Innovation Base

170,000 tons/year


Shark polyurethane glue has excellent water resistance, weather resistance and high strength, and is widely used in the construction industry. Anhydrous polyurethane glue is a two-component polyurethane glue composed of a main agent and a curing agent. The main ingredients of the main agent ,natural vegetable oil, polyol resin and functional additives. The curing agent is composed of diphenylmethane-4,4 diisocyanate (MDI) with more than two isocyanate functional groups in the molecule. The advancement of science and technology makes new materials emerge continuously and new requirements for the performance of adhesives. 

Youxing Shark offers a complete line of adhesives for Wood Industry.The jigsaw glue has the advantages of high utilization rate of wood, strong decoration and high tolerance, and is widely used in furniture. Jigsaw glue is developed based on the characteristics of wood material and the characteristics of large deformation due to absorption and loss of water. It can penetrate into the wood well, and the glue has excellent film formation and strong cohesion, especially it can form with the characteristic reactive groups of wood fibers. Good chemical bond, solve the problem of easy cracking of wood panel.