History - Youxing Shark(Shanghai) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


1994 Shanghai

Ms.Fang Zhenying, who came out of remote mountainous area and went to Shanghai, started selling 502 instant glue. A 28-model bicycle was the only means of transportation for the little girl that year. It accompanied her through the factory in the suburbs of Shanghai.


1996 Opening

Ms.Fang Zhenying, who has no sales experience, quickly gained the trust of many factory owners in the high-end solid wood furniture industry with her steadfastness and sincerity. From seeking survival to seeking development, she opened the first factory, and made 502 instant glue a household name in East China.

2003 choice

From one person to driving a group of people, Fang Zhenying, who is doing a good business, needs to make a choice: should she follow in the footsteps of others and settle for the status quo? Or seek long-term development? She resolutely chose to temporarily abandon the already high market share of 502 instant glue and switch to a new environmentally friendly adhesive And new material technology research and development, manufacturing and sales.


2007 span

As the market for environmentally friendly products continues to grow, venues and equipment can no longer satisfied the development of enterprises. At the same time,Ms. Fang Zhenying predicts that the standardization and management of Shanghai Fine Chemical Industry will be internationalized in the future. She decided to transform to the standardization and scale of fine chemicals and enter the fine chemical industry standard park.

2011 metamorphosis

Innovation and transcendence has always been the core of Shark’s development. Product formulation innovation has produced fruitful results after years of strategic investment in product innovation: Youxing Shark has successively obtained 27 national environmental protection adhesive practical patents, mastered the core technology of the product and achieved technological transcendence!


2012 Brand

The innovation and transcendence of quality brand promotes the upgrade and development of the brand. Youxing Shark has begun to embark on the road of brand upgrade: new positioning, new image, new packaging, new channels.... Throwing away the old system and building a new chapter.The company officially began to establish a product promotion model combining online Internet channels and offline channels to expand market share.

Launched in 2013

Youxing Shark was awarded as a high-tech enterprise, science and technology small giant enterprise, District Technology Center Product Superior Enterprise. Youxing Shark has bolder expectations for the future. The company has fully standardized management and successfully listed on the market, becoming a banner of the new environmentally friendly adhesives and new materials industry!


2016 Soaring

After four years of integrated marketing transformation and upgrading, Youxing Shark has successfully established three major sales channels,there are direct sales, distribution, e-marketing respectively .It has formed an all-round three-dimensional channel structure and realizied a leap-forward growth in sales

2018 Dreaming

In the future, we will be committed to build the Excellent supplier of professional bonding solutions for green building new materials and shap the new environmentally friendly adhesives and new materials industry,which will rely on two innovation R&D and production bases in Shanghai and Zhuhai,taking the main board listing as our goal and adhering to the core cultural concept of "Be kind and farsighted,combining"


Brand story


A dream on a bicycle

Ms.Fang Zhenying, who came out of remote mountainous area and went to Shanghai, started selling 502 instant glue. 


Final Choice

Ms. Fang Zhenying, who has no sales experience, with her firmness and sincerity......


Strategic upgrade

The innovation and transcendence of quality promotes the upgrade and development of the brand. 


Everyone is the boss

The biggest dream of Xiao Li, a sales specialist who has been with Shark for two years.......


Gaolan Port Innovation Base

In the current stage of rapid human development, whether you are ready or not......


Sharks fight the epidemic together

In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will sweep all over Wuhan from Wuhan.