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Hidden Trouble Investigation

Hidden Trouble Investigation

Daily Hidden Trouble 8-Step Inspection


Check whether the proportion of glue is in line with the standard

Electronically weigh the main agent and curing agent before mixing, and calculate whether the ratio meets the standard.


Check if it is evenly mixed during glue preparation

Observe the mixed glue, and use a mixer to repeatedly pick up if there is filamentous or brown liquid, it means that it has not been fully stirred evenly, and it should be fully stirred to prevent damage to the bonding performance.


Check whether the amount of glue is sufficient

(1) Check whether there is columnar or thin line extrusion at the seam after pressure, if not, increase the amount of cloth glue.
(2) Check if there is any omission in the glue on both ends.


Check the pressure and pressure time

(1) Softwood 500-1000kg/m², hardwood 800-1500kg/m².
(2) Observe whether the pressure is completed within 1-3 minutes after the glue is applied; observe whether the pressure time of the board is more than 1 hour.


Check whether the end of the plate is flat

Take 20 plates, the tester tests whether the plate flatness is within ±0.1mm, and 5 of them exceed 0.1mm, which should be paid attention to.


Check whether the moisture content of the board is too high

Take 20 boards and use the moisture content meter to test whether the moisture content of each board is between 8-12%.


Check the use time of the adjusted glue

Observe the length of time from the beginning to the end of the mixed glue. If the use time exceeds 30-60 minutes, the amount of glue should be reduced each time.


Special Line Consultation

If no problems are found in the above 7 self-inspections, please contact the manufacturer immediately.