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High bonding strength Panel adhesive glue polyurethane Adhesive for refrigerated truck compartment board bonding

Polyurethane adhesive for refrigerated transport board bonding

Code: SY8429 series

Main solid ratio 100:25 / 100:20

Gluing process: manual scraping/machine rolling

Packing: 25 KG/barrel 1500 KG/plastic drum

Product Detail

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Transport board

Transport board

Apply for

refrigerated transport board bonding

Surface material

glass steel plate, stainless steel etc. 

Core material

core material such as extruded board and polyurethane board

The refrigerated car body adopts assembly technology. The compartment board adopts a fully-plastic fully enclosed composite board combined structure. The inner and outer wall panels are selected from high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic or alloy, rust-proof aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, and the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam heat insulation material. The plates are bonded with high-strength glue and riveted with aluminum alloy profiles to form a whole. A low-temperature heat-resistant sealing strip is installed between the compartment body and the door body. The door lock mechanism adopts international van-type stainless steel standard parts. The compartment plate has no joints, smooth appearance, easy washing, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance. According to user needs, free side doors, compartment panels of different thicknesses, inner and outer compartment skins of different temperature zones, different materials and colors can be professionally designed.

Product Features


Flexible construction

It can be manually operated by scraping, and the machine can be rolled. The open time is long and the construction flexibility is high.


Easy to

It is suitable for manual squeegee coating, machine shower coating, cold pressing process, no machine blocking, easy operation by workers, and convenient construction.


Strong weather

The bonding material can be used for a long time, and the weather resistance of the product meets the JG/T 396 standard.


High bonding

The unit bonding surface bears high bonding force, and the cohesive strength of the adhesive layer and the bonding strength between the adhesive layer and the bonded surface are high. It can ensure that the board will not crack and degummed after bonding.

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