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Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

Integration Of Industrial Informatization

DCS production automation management system

Youxing Shark's automatic production management system integrates 4C technologies such as computer, communication, display and control to improve product quality and product stability comprehensively.

● automatic batching

● automatic weighing

● automatic start and stop

● automatic monitoring

● automatic feeding

● automatic temperature control

● automatic filling


Product Manufacturing Process & Technical Support

Instrumental process management
Taking customer process as the core orientation, conduct experimental formulation design and potential problem analysis, benchmarking testing tools for strategic cooperative customers, ensuring that products meet market and application requirements, and quickly solving process problems.

Raw material selection and customization
Technology guarantees continuous product innovation and research, and jointly develops high-quality raw materials with high-quality upstream suppliers around the world to make product performance more stable, market competitiveness more advantageous, and economic benefits more prominent.

Green process design
Technical guarantee always focuses on raw material selection, process design, market demand, customer process and other links, with no pollution, low energy consumption, low water and electricity, easy operation, strong weather resistance, etc. as the core direction, innovative research and development of high-quality products, such as glue hot pressing Process, glue spraying and hot pressing process, etc.

Patented technology systematization
Technical guarantee has established a comprehensive system of property rights, such as special hardwood bonding such as new material laminated sealant, DP hot-pressing glue of new material polyurethane sealant, etc. It has accumulated dozens of patents,which  lays the core competition of product technology force.

Production Logistics

Youxing Shark takes the important mission of customer quality assurance as its core, adopts a third-party quality management model, and sets up nine research and sales teams to provide organizational guarantees for quality management, and effectively control quality.


Excellent technical research and development team

Shanghai Application R&D Master and PhD team

Zhuhai Innovation R&D Master and Ph.D Team

Cooperate with third-party product innovation research and development institutions

Establish a cooperative laboratory for production, research and education in colleges and universities


Advanced equipment helps scientific research and development

Lloyd Instruments Universal Rally

High and low temperature weather test simulator

Hot pressing simulation tester

Freezing test simulator


360°forward and reverse cycle quality monitoring management system

5 major process control

7 major links of quality inspection

More than 300 times/year quality and safety morning meeting

1000 companies/year boiled baking, hand-teared material breaking test

12,476 times/year safety hazard investigation

Implementation of 322 preventive and corrective measures per year

Collecting Materials

Youxing Shark is a large industry customer of a famous raw material company

The main raw materials are imported from foreign brands

Strictly control the quality of raw materials