Investors - Youxing Shark(Shanghai) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Core Competitive Advantage

Three industrial bases

Sufficient capacity

Possess core technology

The product is of high quality and good price

Complete environmental protection qualifications

Sustainable development

Technical Support

Strict implementation of regional protection

Strictly prohibit, crack down, and strictly prevent cross-linking

Sales tool application support

More than 10 sales tools to help you sell goods

Listed company image support

Free store facade design

Specialized guidance for product application

Dedicated to teach you so far

Sales method science training

The company's Million Lecture Hall starts every week for free

Methods and skills shared by all

The company has a distributor WeChat group

Methods and skills shared by everyone

Franchise Process

Telephone consultation

Report the area,

Cooperate with each other to review.

Franchise application

Submit the necessary information to join the company

Join application form, submit joining information

Confirmation assessment

Inspect and review the information,

Comprehensive Evaluation.

Enterprise business signing

Formally sign a cooperation agreement

Field training

On-site training by company designated personnel

And market assistance

Join the community

The company invites to join the dealer community,

Repeated training and guidance

Youxing Shark


Interview|Chen Jun:
The disruptor comes from a layman!


Interview|Zhu Fuyu:
-The appearance of a role model!


Interview|Xie Dongpeng:
The disruptor comes from a layman!


Interview|Lu Xingzheng:
Stick to only one thing for 21 years