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Failure analysis and solution of water based wood glue

  Water based wood glue is mainly used in the processing of wood panels such as furniture. It has a good effect on bonding wood. However, if the operation is improper, the effect of the water based wood glue may be greatly reduced. Therefore, it requires a relatively large amount of knowledge to be reasonable. The use of wood glue, let’s look at the failure analysis and solutions of water based wood glue

plywood wood AB glue   

1. The ratio of main agent and curing agent is not accurate

a.  When the curing agent and the amount are insufficient. Insufficient glue response. In severe cases, the strength of the puzzle will be greatly reduced, and its water resistance and moisture resistance will also be greatly reduced.

b. When the curing agent ratio exceeds the standard, the toughness of the adhesive layer will be poor. The splicing strength is significantly reduced, which will lead to serious consequences of poor splicing.

2. After analyzing and mixing the main agent and curing agent, the mixing time is not uniform. We need students to sometimes observe from the glue line extruded from the puzzle, the color of the glue line and the information data are inconsistent, (there are dark and light), this is mainly It is also caused by the uneven mixing of enterprises. If they are not afraid of excessive or insufficient curing agent ratio, the development environment will cause serious consequences for bad social behaviors that continue to decrease the quality of imposition.

3. But in the production, after the main agent and curing agent are mixed, they are not used up within the time specified by relevant laws. Can they still be used at the same time? The main reason is that students can analyze the development of different temperature and gum conditions according to China’s social and economic environment. To decide. But what is certain is that the performance of glue research has gradually begun to decline at this time. Therefore, during operation, the glue should be mixed according to the actual usage amount, less mixing and quick use. Otherwise, the enterprise will not waste the jigsaw puzzle game, or directly affect the quality of the jigsaw puzzle game.

4. The accumulated working time is too long. In actual production, we should try to control the open stacking time within 5 minutes (25 degrees Celsius), and the locked accumulated learning time management should be controlled within 3 minutes as far as possible. If the students cannot operate the system time If it is too long, it is easy to cause the coating to dry into a thin film, and it is easy to develop a false bond. Avoid stopping vibration due to bonding or half-circuit discharge during the pressure process, otherwise the bonding effect will be affected.

5 When applying glue and adjusting glue, operate with water. The brush or stick for applying glue and the utensils for adjusting glue should be dried before use. However, in some factories, workers immersed the glue applicator in water after finishing the work before taking it out in the morning. Although they performed a simple treatment, they still started to use water, which may cause local cracking of the panel.

6. In different working environments, pay attention to the use of appropriate curing agent ratio. Under different temperature and different bonding conditions, it is necessary to properly adjust the curing agent ratio.

7. For some tree species that are easy to deform and warp, such as rubber wood, the splicing can be completed within 2 hours after processing. Prevent wood pipes from being deformed and clogged by dust, which affects the bonding strength.

The above is the fault analysis and solution method of the water based wood glue in the use process. If you want to learn more, you can go to Shark website:


Post time: Nov-25-2021