News - How to solve the environmental protection problem of glue?


How to solve the environmental protection problem of glue?

China’s glue industry is developing rapidly, and it has become the world’s largest glue manufacturer. However, the environmental protection of jigsaw glue has always been a pain point in all walks of life, and it has not really changed. Most glue manufacturers only unilaterally solve some environmental protection requirements. The environmental test cannot pass at all, causing losses to the industry cost.

包装组合Different from other glue manufacturers, Youxing Shark glue has paid full attention to the environmental protection of glue from the beginning, and its products have reached the environmental protection test, which is the real environmental protection glue in the industry. Youxing Shark Woodworking Glue has insisted on making environmentally friendly glue from the beginning of its establishment. Although people in the industry continue to sell some profitable products, such as universal glue and oil-based glue, some shark wood glue has blocked the temptation and refused to make fast food products. “Environmental protection, water-based, safe, non-toxic” is the brand gene of Xingsha. This is like Uniqlo, which consistently produces pure cotton, advanced materials, A-grade products and toxic chemical fibers.

In fact, whether a glue manufacturer can truly achieve corporate environmental protection problems still needs hard enough technology. It is not enough to have environmental protection education concepts. This is why we have been talking about the development of different industries to be more environmentally friendly, but we are really making improvements. But there are very few. Youxing Shark Woodworking Glue has a number of patented information technologies and has a more competitive advantage in the production of environmentally friendly glue. When most of the glues are still following the formulas of many years of work, the shark has begun to take the lead, constantly starting from the problems of customers, introducing and learning foreign advanced glue making equipment, and constantly innovating more environmentally friendly glue types. Sell ​​at home and abroad, and become a leader in the brand of social environmental protection glue with Chinese cultural characteristics. Environmental protection glue is an indispensable auxiliary material in woodworking engineering.

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Post time: Aug-30-2021