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Types and characteristics of wood glue

plywood wood bonding glue

There are many types of woodworking glue, including solid, powder, liquid, gel and so on. It is necessary to understand the requirements and glue performance in detail at the time of purchase. So, what are the common joiners glue?
Professional wood glue includes yellow glue, white latex, and various quick-drying glues. If it is a large-scale wood operation, more types of professional glues will be used, such as polyurethane glue, wood glue powder, and universal glue.
Common wood bonding adhesive (used in a small range)
Ordinary woodworking glue is milky white or milky yellow. It can be cleaned with water when it is not drying, and it is transparent to translucent after drying. It is a non-toxic, non-polluting adhesive, specially used for bonding handmade wooden products, bonding various indoor wood products, repairing furniture and broken wood, etc. When adhesive is needed in some smaller areas, universal glue can also be used.

Universal adhesive for wood
More than one type of glue is called universal glue. Universal glue can be used not only for bonding wood, but also for bonding plastic products and metal plates. It has the characteristics of short setting time and high bonding strength.
Generally speaking, when applying wood glue, it is necessary to fix the pressure on the rubber sheet and wait for a period of time, otherwise a good bonding effect cannot be achieved.
Ordinary two part glue for wood (professional use)
Polyurethane wood glue: Generally used for bonding indoor and outdoor cement, porcelain, wood, glass, metal, and other materials. The glue can be bonded to almost all materials. The new product has the advantages of non-toxicity and pressure resistance.
Wood glue powder: Wood glue powder is a powder made of powdered urea-formaldehyde resin, reinforcing agent and curing agent. There are reddish brown, white, yellow and other colors. Used for veneer veneer, laminating and bonding furniture.

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