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What are the key points of solid wood joint glue ?

  What is solid wood joint glue ? Solid wood joint glue is a kind of wood glue, composed of a two-component system of vinyl polymer nano-emulsion (main agent) and polyisocyanate (curing agent). The design of various solid wood cultural products is deeply loved by consumers, but the development of solid wood products in the seed production process cannot be separated from solid wood splicing glue. Therefore, the quality of solid wood splicing glue directly determines the quality level of solid wood products. We need to pay attention to analysis in use.

拼板应用组合图1    Features of solid wood joint glue
    This product is a two-component polymer copolymer, a new type of economic development water-based polymer monoisocyanate series of wood adhesives that can be systematically developed and utilized by enterprise products using advanced manufacturing process information management technology in China. Waterproof, high-strength, environmental protection, and can have good water resistance, weather resistance, high bonding strength, drying speed, good toughness, impact resistance, can pass the traditional standard (jas) test, the strength of different grades reaches the highest g4 level.
    Precautions for solid wood joint glue
    1. Storage: This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-hazardous. It should be stored and transported above 5℃, and used above 10℃. During storage, care should be taken to prevent freezing, humidity and exposure to the sun. In particular, please avoid contact with water. The storage period of the main agent (25°C) is 8 months, and the storage period of the curing agent (25°C) is 12 months.
    2. When used in winter, the splicing section should be heated to above 10 °c. The warehouse for storing glue should also be heated to above 10°C.
    3. When splicing in winter, the main workers should keep the temperature above 10 °C after the pressure is relieved to ensure the final bonding quality of the splicing. Do not transport in a low temperature environment during curing.
    4. For standard problems, the automatic glue application amount is 250-300g/m2.
    5. The open storage time should be controlled within 10 minutes, and the locked information storage and time should be controlled within 5 minutes.
    6. Due to the development of drying treatment technology, the entire amount of glue applied on one or both sides should be guaranteed to prevent the coating from forming a thin film.
    7. The amount of glue applied should avoid waste of resources and uneven amount of glue.
    8. Or when applying the glue mechanically, the entire amount of glue should be guaranteed to prevent the influence of the glue layer from being too thin and easy to form a film.
    9. For difficult-to-stick varieties, double-sided adhesive coating is recommended. If you want to know more about the content of solid wood joint glue, you can go to the official website of Youxing Shark

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