News - What role does curing agent play in water based glue?


What role does curing agent play in water based glue?

      Water based wood glue refers to an adhesive used for splicing wood products such as laminated timber, which is suitable for splicing and bonding non-structural timber and laminated timber for structural timber.

       (1) It can speed ​​up the drying speed;

②It can enhance bonding strength;

③It can improve water resistance;

④It can improve weather resistance (hot and cold).

But it should be noted that if the curing agent is not properly proportioned, it will affect the splicing quality.

In addition, in the process of solid wood splicing or tooth splicing, in order to prevent gluing, the spliced ​​workpieces should be stacked and maintained after the pressure is relieved. Generally, when the temperature is low, the humidity is high, and the wood is hard, the best time is 3-5 days; when the wood is stacked and maintained under the conditions of high temperature, low humidity, and softness, the best time is 1-2 days.

mosaic effect

In fact, the water based glue is mainly used for wood joint boards, and white glue can stick many things, but the wood glue is more professional and has better effect.

Water based wood glue is a two-component adhesive and requires a curing agent. Just like AB glue, the bonding strength is much higher than that of white glue.

Furniture glue plays an important role in the furniture making process. Only by understanding it can you use it better and bring greater benefits.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021