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Ship Material Bonding

Polyurethane adhesive for ship material bonding

Code: SY8430 series

Main solid ratio 100:25

Gluing process: manual squeegee

Packing: 25 KG/barrel 1500 KG/plastic drum

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Youxing Shark focuses on the technological innovation and application of special materials for ships. It has many years of technical research and development experience in the composite bonding process and characteristics of metal plates, rock wool, aluminum honeycombs, paper honeycombs and other materials used for ship decoration. Social Factory Approval Certificate".




Ship board

Ship board

Apply for

ship material bonding

Surface material

color steel plate, color aluminum plate and other metal plates

Core material

rock wool, aluminum honeycomb

The composite rock wool board is made of galvanized thin steel sheet, PVC plastic decorative film, adhesive and rock wool. Specifically, the composite rock wool board is a kind of rock wool lining a certain thickness between two layers of 0.7 mm thick galvanized steel plates. The weight of each square composite rock wool board is 19kg. The connection form between the board and the board adopts the link form of a-type board and c-type board.It is mainly composed of bonding layer, insulation layer, plastering layer, finishing layer and accessories.The bonding layer belongs to the building, which is between the bottom layer and the surface layer. The upper and lower layers are firmly bonded together with a gelling material. The main source of the filler is inorganic matter.Insulation layer In order to avoid and reduce the heat loss of the steam turbine to the environment, the thermal insulation material layer laid on the outer surface of the steam turbine and pipelines is mainly filled with rock wool fiber and a certain amount of organic matter, moisture, and adhesives.The facing layer should be made of lightweight functional coatings such as facing mortar, embellishment mortar, or water-based exterior wall paint with outstanding air permeability, so that the composite rock wool board maintains its light weight and increases its aesthetics.The accessories mainly use various coatings. On the one hand, the color of the surface of the composite rock wool board is increased, so that it can be applied to any environment, and the coating can be flame-retardant and heat-preserving to a certain extent.

Product Features


High bonding strength

It can ensure that the board will not crack and degummed after bonding. Tensile strength ≥6Mpa (aluminum plate glued to aluminum plate).


Efficient production

Small working space, high production efficiency, convenient construction, help customers improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


Long operation time

It can meet the long operation time required by workers in the production process of ship materials.


Short curing time

Hot pressing at 90-100°C for 2 minutes to cure quickly, which is convenient for workers to operate and guarantees customers' efficient production.

Operation Specification

STEP 01 The surface of substrate should be flat and clean.

Flatness standard: +0.1mm surface must be clean, oil-free, dry and water-free.

STEP 02 The ratio of adhesive is critical.

The supporting roles of the main agent (off-white) and curing agent (dark brown) are executed in corresponding proportions, such as 100:25, 100:20

STEP 03 Stir the glue evenly

After mixing the main agent and the curing agent, stir evenly quickly, and use a stirrer to repeatedly pick up the gel 3-5 times without silky brown liquid. The mixed glue will be used up within 20 minutes in summer and 35 minutes in winter

STEP 04 Standard of the amount

(1) 200-350 grams (materials with smooth interlayer: such as inorganic boards, foam boards, etc.)

(2) 300-500 grams for delivery (materials with interlayer porous: such as rock wool, honeycomb and other materials)

STEP 05 Sufficient pressurization time

The glued board should be compounded within 5-8 minutes and pressurized within 40-60 minutes. The pressurization time is 4-6 hours in summer and 6-10 hours in winter. Before the pressure is relieved, the adhesive should be basically cured

STEP 06 Sufficient compression strength

Pressure requirement: 80-150kg/m², the pressure must be balanced.

STEP 07 Set aside for a while after decompression

The curing temperature is above 20℃, and it can be processed lightly after 24 hours, and can be processed deeply after 72 hours.

STEP 08 Gluing equipment should be washed frequently

After the glue is used up every day, please clean it with dichloromethane, acetone, thinner and other solvents to avoid clogging of the glued teeth and affect the amount of glue and the uniformity of the glue.

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