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Basic Connotation Of Sustainable Development

Real innovation is orignated from the insight into the nature of the problem

More than 300 times/year quality and safety morning meeting

1000 companies/year boiled and baked, hand-teared material breaking test

12,476 times/year safety hazard investigation

Implementation of 322 preventive and corrective measures per year

True continuity comes from every bit of energy cherished.

Adopt advanced production technology and low-energy consumption equipment to reduce electric energy by 40% every year.

The use of automated sewage treatment equipment reduces power consumption by 18% and labor costs by 20%.

With the use of damping device, the noise of the plant can reach Class 3 emission standards, reducing noise pollution.


Basic Connotation Of Sustainable Development

Zero Accidents, Zero customer complaints, and zero accidents in production safety for more than 10 consecutive years

In the whole year, a total of 21,266 problems were raised by the employees, in which was solved 20,498 problems, and was improved the benefits of 12 million.

Environmental Protection And Safety

Establish a safety management organization structure with the general manager as the core, and design principles of safety and environmental protection.

Use safe and environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials;

Safety, efficiency and energy-saving equipment;

Adopt safe and environmentally friendly production technology;

The product itself is safe and environmentally friendly


Sewage treatment system

Adopt automatic sewage treatment system and use advanced Siemens PLC automatic control system;

Choose electromechanical equipment with reliable quality, easy maintenance and low energy consumption;

Adopt safe and reliable processing technology to avoid "second pollution"

Exhaust gas treatment system

Exhaust gas treatment system that meets the country's most stringent environmental protection requirements;

Controlled by the Siemens control system, connected to the DCS system, real-time monitoring of the exhaust gas treatment status of the production workshop and the operation of the exhaust gas treatment equipment


Safety production management platform

Use imported power equipment to ensure safety;

The third-party safety supervision agency monitors the production safety of the enterprise in real time;

Perfect safety management system to ensure enterprise safety

Scientific power management system

Use advanced management system to reasonably schedule and calculate to reduce power consumption;

Use advanced automated production technology to reduce energy consumption;

Use low energy consumption equipment