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Water Based Adhesive For Hardwood Woodworking

Water based adhesive for hardwood woodworking

Code: SY6123 series

The mixing ratio is 100:15

Packing: 20 kg/barrel 1200 kg/plastic drum

Application: wooden floors, wooden doors and windows, wooden furniture, wooden crafts bonding

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The two-component jigsaw glue is developed for the characteristics of wood material and the characteristics of large deformation due to absorption and loss of water. It can penetrate into the wood well, and the glue has excellent film formation and strong cohesion, especially it can react with the characteristics of wood fibers. The group forms a good chemical bond, which solves the problem of easy cracking of the wood panel. Elm wood is tough, with clear texture, moderate hardness and strength, and can be adapted to general open-carved reliefs. The planed surface is smooth, the string surface pattern is beautiful, and the "wenge wood" pattern is one of the main furniture materials. The characteristics of its wood, the heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished, the sapwood is narrow and dark yellow, the heartwood is dark purple-gray; the material is lighter and harder, the mechanical strength is higher, the grain is straight, and the structure is thick. It can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. The elm wood can be dried, shaped, carved, polished and painted to make exquisite carved lacquer crafts.

Applicable Material


Red oak


White oak


China ash




Chinese oak


Acacia wood


Ebony Wood


Ash wood

Hardwoods are mostly derived from deciduous fine-leaf forest trees, including oak, mahogany and birch, red oak, hard maple, rye, beech, boxwood, etc. Usually the price is higher, but the quality is relatively better than cork. Hardwood (hardwood) is broad-leaved wood, which refers to the wood produced by the trees of the angiosperm phylum. Hardwoods are in contrast to conifers, also known as softwoods. Hardwoods are generally denser and harder, but the real hardness of hardwoods and softwoods are very different. There are many varieties that overlap each other. Sometimes hardwoods (such as balsa) are softer than most softwoods. Hardwood is generally used to make exposed products such as furniture, wooden floors or utensils. In areas where softwood is lacking, such as Australia, hardwood is even used as a structural material for construction.

Applicable Machine


Manual fixture


Four-sided flip jigsaw machine


A-shaped jigsaw machine


Fan blade rotating jigsaw machine

Product features


Quick dry

The active period is short, the drying speed is fast, and it is suitable for high-frequency and automatic line technology.


High bond strength

The initial adhesion is good, and the bonded material will break 100% in 24 hours.


Easy to paint

The glue that has been mixed with the main solid foams, the glue has passed the active period, and the fluidity can be restored after stirring.


Low price over the same period

The cost is lower than most products on the market under the same quality conditions, and the quality of the same grade glue is higher than most products on the market.

Operation Specification

STEP 01 Flat substrate is the key

Flatness standard: ±0.1mm, moisture content standard: 8%-12%.

STEP 02 The ratio of glue is critical

The main agent (white) and curing agent (dark brown) are mixed according to the corresponding ratio 100:8 100:10 100:12 100:15

STEP 03 Stir the glue evenly

Use a stirrer to repeatedly pick up the colloid 3-5 times, and there is no filamentous brown liquid. The mixed glue should be used up within 30-60 minutes

STEP 04 Fast and accurate glue application speed

Gluing should be completed within 1 minute, the glue should be uniform and the end glue should be sufficient.

STEP 05 Sufficient pressurization time

The glued board should be pressed within 1 minute, and must be pressurized within 3 minutes, the pressing time is 45-120 minutes, and the extra hardwood is 2-4 hours.

STEP 06 The pressure must be sufficient

Pressure: softwood 500-1000kg/m², hardwood 800-1500kg/m²

STEP 07 Set aside for a while after decompression

The curing temperature is above 20℃, light processing (saw, planing) after 24 hours, and deep processing after 72 hours. Avoid sunlight and rain during this period.

STEP 08 Rubber roller cleaning must be diligent

A clean glue applicator can ensure that the glue is not easy to block, otherwise it will affect the amount and uniformity of the glue.

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